OM: his resignation from the supervisory board, the rumor of a sale … The XXL clarification of McCourt!

Since Thursday, the resignation of the owner of Olympique de Marseille Frank McCourt from the supervisory board has been much talked about. And the American, including through his company, has decided to make a real clarification this Friday.

With Olympique de Marseille, the smallest piece of information can quickly cause a lot of ink to flow. On Thursday, the resignation of the Marseille owner Frank McCourt from the supervisory board caused a lot of debate. And as is often the case with the Marseille club, this news has especially revived the fantasy of a possible sale of the French vice-champion.

McCourt’s resignation explained

In order to avoid the slightest excitement on this subject, McCourt decided to make a real clarification on this subject this Friday. In a statement sent by the spokesman of McCourt Global, this change in the way of operating the OM has been explained and especially clarified. “Olympique de Marseille is in a strong position, thanks to the leadership of President Pablo Longoria and his teams. The club remains, more than ever, a priority for McCourt Global and will have the full support of its CEO, Frank McCourt. OM’s supervisory board is in good hands, and the recent changes in the supervisory board do not affect OM’s strategy and operations,” it reads.

“Frank McCourt’s decision to resign from the board reflects an internal reorganization within McCourt Global to broaden the responsibilities of its leadership to keep pace with the organization’s global expansion and to accelerate the work of Project Liberty, a non-profit initiative launched by McCourt Global. This initiative aims to create a fairer Internet and restructure social networks to allow users to regain control of their data and strengthen democracy,” the document continues. And by the way, Jacques-Henri Eyraud will also withdraw from the supervisory board of OM and the board of directors of the Professional Football League in order to devote himself to his other responsibilities with the native of Boston.

A sale? The American cash!

Determined to silence the rumors, McCourt also chose to speak directly. This time, it is not only about his resignation from the supervisory board. Indeed, the 69-year-old answered, in a very firm manner, on the usual sea serpent: the sale of OM. “Today, false information is causing serious damage. The persistent rumors and claims that I had the intention to sell OM, despite everything I said, show how persistent they can be. The destructive impact of social networks is why we launched Project Liberty, an initiative to transform the Internet and fix social networks and their current business models, which encourage the spread of these fake news,” he said. Hard to make it any clearer.


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