Olympique de Marseille lost to Tottenham (0-2), this Wednesday, in the Champions League. Marseille did better than resist, but the expulsion of Mbemba weakened the OM in the second half.

Olympique de Marseille was hoping for another reunion with the Champions League. For its return to the Champions League, the club conceded a defeat on the pitch of Tottenham (0-2), this Wednesday, during the first day of the group stage. The OM has however delivered a good game until the expulsion of Mbemba at the beginning of the second half. In numerical inferiority, the Olympians cracked in front of the realism of Spurs.

OM dominates first act

The Marseilles team looked good in the first half. Well positioned and present in all the duels, Igor Tudor’s players did not hesitate to play very high to prevent Spurs from progressing and to monopolize the ball. A sterile possession nevertheless since the Phocaeans did not find the fault against a London formation grouped in its camp and totally harmless.

Well contained, the offensive trio Son-Kane-Richarlison did not show much during the first act. Faced with very solid Olympic defenders, the London weapons did not manage to worry Lopez except for Kane on a shot wide at the approach of the break. And it was finally OM who got the best situation when Guendouzi’s shot was pushed back by Lloris in the extra time.

With 10 against 11, OM cracks…

The second half started more difficult for OM as Mbemba was sent off after the break for a foul on Son in the last defender position. With ten against eleven, Marseille had logically less the ball and resisted during long minutes by showing an exemplary courage. The Olympians even had a chance to open the score with a dangerous cross that Harit could have better exploited.

Marseille could regret this missed opportunity. Tottenham finally took the lead on a header from Richarlison (1-0, 76th). A big disappointment for OM who even conceded a second goal from Richarlison, on a new header (2-0, 81st). Two shots on target, two goals… A cold realism for Antonio Conte’s Spurs. The Marseille team did not cheat, but the task was too difficult with a player missing at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The note of the game: 5/10

A first period relatively closed with few dangerous opportunities on both sides. The expulsion of Mbemba in the second half made this game more difficult for OM, and Tottenham took advantage of it to score two goals. Without offering a great show at home.


On a Perisic cross from the left, Richarlison found himself totally unmarked in the box and adjusted a powerful header. Lopez touched the ball but could not push it away (1-0, 76th).
On a new cross from the left, Richarlison jumped higher than Gigot to score, again on a header (2-0, 81st).

The players’ NOTES

Man of the match:
Richarlison (7.5/10) The symbol of Tottenham’s realism in this match. Inoffensive during the first half, the Brazilian took advantage of his team’s numerical superiority to score a decisive double in the second half, with two headers in the Marseille area.

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